Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat is a magical place indeed with a lush green valley and some amazing waterfalls, hot springs and friendly people. Hence, it makes a perfect place for Amy and Warren to settle down in after living in NYC. On July 26, 2008, this couple celebrated with close friends and family in an outdoor wedding.

wedding photograph of a group in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by Conrad Olivier

I happen to know the bride and many of her friends who are a LIVELY bunch to say the least... the call themselves the 'wives' - not b/c two of them are now married, but b/c they decided a long while back that they were committed to each other in a serious, but lighthearted friendship. Saira (lives in Egypt, NYC, and Colorado), Laura (NYC), Romona (NYC), and I'm not sure where Katie lives... last but not least, Warren & Amy (Sil), who have given up life in New York for some elbow room in the Rocky Mountains.

Large group wedding photograph by Conrad Olivier
After the wedding and reception, things got a bit more serious with Sake Bombs and cigars... even I was compelled to do one Sake Bomb (at least I managed to beat the bride, but there is not beating her husband at this game as he is a former bartender). Even the bride's grandmother 'appeared' to get in on the action...


Anonymous said...

All of you pictures tell great stories, both the wedding and the overseas photos!

I really like your group shots at the top of this post!

The photo blog said...

Love your shots and diversity - looks like you shoot from one extreme to the other in terms of subject matter!

Victoria said...

Beautiful photos! Love the group shots!

ahMeng said...

Great pictures, great story!

Hope I can do some overseas photoshoot too. =)

mac centeno said...

amzing shots! i so love monochromes!