A Wedding... Ethiopian style!

Injera... the bread of life for Ethiopians and many 'Westerners' who enjoy Ethiopian food at local restaurants around Denver, Colorado. In our area, there is a strong community of Ethiopians who have many wonderful restaurants in the Denver area (my favorite is, of course, Mesob). When I was asked to photograph this wedding, I was once again energized - why? Photographing people of diverse cultures presents many challenges and even more opportunities... what could be worse than stagnation or doing the same thing all the time, right?

The photograph of the couple (on the right) was shot just as the sun was 65% behind the mountains... (strongly backlit) in a parking lot with fresh yellow lines (less than ideal, but it was an impromptu pose/photo moment) which I felt the connection between them was strongest of most of the 'portraits'. ISO800

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