The wedding of Andre & Christina at Niagara Falls

We made our way to the church on foot, stopping traffic to get images in the middle of the street as the clouds began to unload their cargo.

Andre & Christina at the point of no return! I could tell that neither of them has second thoughts... this makes my job of portraying people in love much more believable and easier. Here I've chosen to show an image favoring the groom since they are often overlooked during these moments or the photographer simply shoots them in profile getting one eye of each face producing a more flat image (IMHO).
Thank you Andre & Christina!

Photographing many people in close quarters is always a challenge as there is always someone who is unaware that important images are being created during this fleeting moment. I felt fortunate once more as the people try to be respectful of my line of site during this chaotic moment. I took about 15 frames of this 5 second slice of reality. Christina's mother is just about the shower them (lower right foreground).

Posing at the falls. I have the falls over exposed so that they do not detract from the couple. When photographing powerful subjects, one must be careful not to relegate your subjects as secondary by the more distracting background.

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