Mistaken identity

Hailed by two Lao guys, I was offered a thimble sized glass of whisky... After I finished that, I was given a hunk of grilled meat - "ma" - I knew exactly what it was... however, the Japanese girl didn't, the Turk passed on this opportunity, while the other Japanese guy went for it as well. It wasn't long before she inquired... when I told her it was grilled dog - her expression was priceless as she shrieked "uuuuuuuhhhhuuuyyyyiiiiii" as we crossed the road. She commented that it was too chewy though it had a nice flavor - I agreed and told her she could spit it out.

After a nice dinner, I went to the Wat at the confluence of the two rivers in Luang Prabang to meet my new friend, the novice monk at 8pm.

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