Destination: Pak Beng

As I approach the northern border of Thai, I feel refreshed thinking of the challenges, opportunities, and smiles that are to come... A few days aboard a cargo boat destined for Luang Prabang via the Maekhong river should be a good experience. /// Nov 26
It's no cargo boat... however, it is full of tourists... The well beaten path. Six or seven hours to go - looking forward to the Maekhong rapids.

//Nov 27

Pak Beng was a nice frontierish feeling town - crashed yet another wedding - the town was fresh out of electricity, but a generator kept the wedding party going. The climate in Laos is very cool and refreshing - people bundle up w/ winter coats while I insist on short sleeves. Luang Prabang is lovely. Quiet, scenic, and peaceful... best of all - quite clean... I overheard some tourists who made comments after being in the interior - "it feels like we are back home". Lao coffee is darker than a moonless night.

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