Solitary Confinement

As Cha Am was the epitome 'tourism en masse', Kha Sam Roi Yot, was serene. Getting to the secluded beach of Laem Sala ended up taking me two days, not that it was very far away, but I ended up in a fishing village near Sai Cave (Tham Sai) - where squid and shrimp are king... and 'sleeply fishing village' was an understatement - although i did see some people move about now and then - even myself occassionally - hot, steamy, sticky, & still - ugggg! Laem Sala is surrounded on three sides by the karst mountanious peaks - it's probably about 1km or so long - white sand and shells. The only other people there besides myself were some fishermen and their wives who uses seines to catch small shrimp - we are talking less than one inch long. Soon I moved beyond my puritanical disdain for bathing with mosquito larvae in my bath water as there were more mosquitos in the air to present a 'real' danger. The Nakhon P cave was truly spectacular - after a long uphill hike of 480m, I was rewarded with views of two sinkholes (caverns) letting the sun light thru the rooftop. In one of the caverns, there is a replica of the palace (in minature) - talk about an unexpected finding - although I had seen a photo of it before - it was still well worth the visit. Getting ready to be with my friend(s) for her engagement, then off to Phnom Pehn for some serious dust.

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