Diesel therapy

...started out better than expected with a good A/C unit and only a few hundred kilometers to traverse. Being inside a bus is actually better than being outside as far as air quality is concerned - just as one's stomach must acclimatize to the new unseen freeloaders inside, so too must you adapt to lengthy travel by bus or whatever means of transport it may be. The key is a little at a time (at least in the beginning). As far as acclimatizing to the food fun, I was a bit overzealous with my favorite dish - som tum. I had two of them for dinner - a rather acidic concoction indeed which percolated for about 10 hours. I know that is exactly what you were hoping to hear about, right?

Cha am is a narrow sliver of beach with more seating than stray dogs, which reminds me I saw the most outrageous stray dog ever- all he had left was a tuft of fur that was blondish/orange much like a lion or hyena, his skin tanned nearly black, crusted patches of skin (presumably) - poor little guy. If he was mine, I'd pet him often, but with a set of 'hazmat' gloves...

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