Steung Mean Chey revisited...

I returned to Cambodia for 2 days without sufficient funding, but I knew that one way or another I would succeed in my effort to make a difference. I returned to the landfill on 19March2007, after meeting 6 other very motivated people who wanted to be a part of the effort... Each of them gave of their money and time to get the shoes and rice to those who needed them most. Again, people were literally running (many barefoot) towards us as they know that whatever it is that we are handing out is in very limited supply.

In the end, it was a very successful visit not only because most of those who showed up now had sandals and a small quantity of rice... but also because the message is going to spread by word of mouth via the 6 other people that were a part of the effort. I saw only two children who were still barefoot, which is two too many. I will return again within the year with more sandals and boots as I know that I only saw a fraction of the women and children that live in this landfill on that day. A very special thank you to those that assisted me on that day: E. Kobak, J. Botterill, M. Taplin, N. Wharf, N. Smith, and M. Fairley... and to those that made donations S&J. Patel, C. Runyan, and C. Olivier.

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