Upon arrival it's all quite amazing if not overwhelming... after a brief trishaw ride, I climbed into a local bus - 30b - to Dum Dum station... there were so many people on the bus it grew dark inside the bus as the windows were obscured by the crush of humanity... not being able to see what was going on outside was of less consideration than what all was going on inside of the bus... lets call it a ~power skirmish~... getting out of the bus was something I didn't think was possible... magically, the flow of people began and it was as if I was rebirthed by the bus as it unceremoniously spat us out into Kolkata streets.

Having a very nice cup of chai, we relaxed and took in the ambiance of the surroundings which are best described as a chaotic dance that all beings do within the city. Amid all of the disorder, one finds that there is order albeit different that what I personally have known. Jetairways service from Bangkok is outstanding - economy class felt more like First Class with lovely food, attendants, and on board entertainment beyond what I knew existed in any class. Such are the juxtapositions in life...

The people of Kolkata are an artful breed... vivacious and colorful in every respect.

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