Bore tides & Belugas

Upon occasion if you are in the right place at the right time you might see both... As my friend was explaining the basics of a 'bore tide' - he said, look out there - there it is coming in! I was like whoa, is this like a scripted tour or what? Alas, it wasn't... Perhaps he was just sharpening his timing skills for his next date! Belugas began surfacing along the inlet or deeper channel just offshore as it filled the with silty grey seawater. 'Belugas' get their name from the language the word is borrowed from ~ Russian ~ which means 'white' (belugas are white). The bore tide itself was quite impressive - it pushed in decisively and it was quite photogenic as the back half of the waves were lit by the setting sun in the last days of August 2006. Some areas in Alaska can experience up to a 25' difference between high & low tides...

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