Remedial therapy

Rehydrating my face and soul took about an hour in a day spa... it's good to check prices as the first spa I checked into wanted about $700 for 5 hours - now, I don't know what Indian candle wax treatment is exactly, but I do know that the 12 course facial I had was worth every bit of $5 I paid for it at the next spa 25m away. I recall the intensly cold items being applied to my face making me forget about most everything momentarily... then four hands working on me like yesterday's spaghetti. I was getting hungry and was tempted to eat one of the pieces of cucumber that sat upon my lips...

***I've got about 6 pounds of toothpaste in my backpack, 600 bandaids, neosporin, 10 toothbrushes (thanks Jennifer) and will soon be acquiring more for the children in the Cambodian landfill... if you were wanting to make a donation - please do so before the 12th of Nov as I will be there and will have assistance to carry the supplies by that point - hey, thanks for volunteering Ed!!! Thanks also goes to Samir, Chrissy, and Pear who have already donated and or committed to making a difference!

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