Preah Vihear

Secluded high above the vast plains of Cambodias northern border, the very important Preah Vihear ruins / temple complex is perch a long and narrow mountain.
Getting here has taken the last four days via 250cc motorbikes - from PP to Battambang to Sisaphon to Samraong to Analong Veng to Preah V - mostly w/o roadsigns. Road conditions vary from perfectly grated to 4' deep ruts - its zig zag & up down for the last 700km. Views from the top of the fourth temple afford one with spetacular vistas of all that is below. We made one major in judgement and followed the advice out a guide book - it tooks thru an overgrown trail complete with a landmine warning sign. After a very ardous time thru difficult drops and stream beds we hit a dead end of impassable stone stairs - each us went down multiple times, still and clawing our way.

The road up Preah Vihear is between 45 and 60 degrees - the generator just turned off so...

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