!Road Rules!

Cambodia... I was wanting to brush up on my road skills and prepare myself to employee an altered mindset - driving is a very 'fluid' experience in much of SE Asia - <i>going with the flow</i> is an understatement. So I ran across these questions - what would you do?

Question 1:
How do you properly execute a left turn?

A) Come to a full stop at the intersection, carefully look both ways and wait for a gap large enough to allow a safe crossing over the lane of traffic to complete your turn.
B) Come to a full stop at the intersection, look both ways and say, “Am I friggin’ nuts?” and immediately return the bike to the rental shop.
C) Fly into the intersection, lean on your horn, stop for no one.
D.) Drive directly into oncoming traffic, stay to the side of the road, and continue moving forward against the flow of traffic crossing over when you get a sufficient break in traffic all the while maintaining a silly grin on your face.
The correct answer is B if you’ve never ridden a bike here before, C for cars, trucks, and tourist vans, and D for motorcycles.

Question 2:
You’re on a major two-way street approaching an intersection with what is a clearly-marked though minor one-way street. Do you…
A). Keep going only casually looking in the direction of cross traffic because anyone coming from a one-way street will surely yield the right of way to traffic on a larger two-way street.
B.) Stop and look in the direction of the expected cross traffic flow to see if it’s safe to cross.
C.) Stop and look both ways like your mother taught you.
D.) What’s a one-way street and why would I stop at an intersection?

Cambodians would answer D and your answer is whatever you have to do knowing a Cambodian is doing D.

(excerpt from farangonline.com)

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