Preparing myself for an upcoming outing to SE Asia. While many prepare & some flee the gulf coast in the wake of Rita, I ponder how to streamline my style of packing for international travel & photography. I'll carry approx. 2 cameras & a video camera as the objective for the trip is photography. My thoughts are with those who will lose life, property, and loved ones.

I have several objectives for this trip. I will travel from Thailand to Cambodia where I have already been twice before. However, this time I intend on taking some care packages for the young children of Cambodia. Cambodia is a country that is much like a shattered vase - merely patched together with something less than superglue. The people of Cambodia are very resilient and warm/friendly. This is the country that Princess Diana was involved in their land mine removal programs. I've read that the average pay is $170/month for these skilled workers - a very handsome salary in Cambodia. After losing approx. 2 million individuals during Pol Pot's reign in/around 1975, the majority of the population is under 20-30 years old. I will visit places you might not think of visiting... this is not a vacation mind you, however, I hope to reach some of the children in that frequent the trash dumps around Phnom Penh. Perhaps you want to reach out (pens/paper) as well - let me know if you think it's worth taking $5 donations via paypal. I intend to document the act of goodwill.

It's funny, in a dark sort of way, that even in our country (USA) as toilet paper was introduced, people were reluctant to use it for it's intended purpose - rather they opted to save it for writing paper as it was deemed to 'nice' for wiping oneself.

If you have any ideas on this sort of thing - pls share - I'm thinking it's logistically easier to buy pens/paper in Thailand & then transport across the border.

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